Yes, we SHA-2

All DNSimple certificates are now using the SHA-2 (SHA-256) hashing algorithm.

SHA-2 and DNSimple

We're serious about improving security and you should be too. Here's our plan for issuing SHA-2 signed certificates

How Continuously Deploys DNS Records

Benjamin Fritsch of shows how to use the DNSimple API in conjunction with GitHub to continously deploy their DNS zones as changes are made in their GitHUB repo.

Migrating away from the old Heroku legacy routing layer

Heroku is closing their legacy routing system, for the new routing system you'll need a DNS provider that supports ALIAS records. DNSimple does it out of the box.

Disable Notifications on Expiring Domains

Getting notifications about domains you just want to expire about can be annoying. Now you don't need to see them anymore.