DevOps and Chef at DNSimple

Learn about how DNSimple manages changes to over 50 servers across 5 data centers around the world with a team of 5 developers.

PDF invoices now available

We have been working on our invoicing system a lot lately. Today we are finally releasing one of the most requested features: PDF invoices.

Switching from to Stripe

Switching from one payment provider to another is no small task, but it is possible. In this post I will explain what we did to switch from to Stripe, and how it was made easier thanks to Chargify.

Troy Hunt on Moving to DNSimple

Troy Hunt has taken the time to put together a pictorial blog post on why he moved to DNSimple, and in it he has captured the essence of why we made DNSimple.

Unicast Name Servers to Shut Down

On June 12th, 2014, we will shut down our Unicast name server IP addresses. If you use vanity name servers you should read this as you may need to make changes at your domain registrar.