The Company ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels allows customers to create and manage sales funnels. They give average users the ability to design and create sales pages inside sales funnels, with best practices for increased conversions. And it's faster, too. What once took months now takes just a few hours to set up and implement.

ClickFunnels offers users several types of funnels to market, sell, and deliver products online. Their step-by-step process makes it simple for anyone to create and deploy a professional sales or landing page, even if they don't know an ISP from a CPU.

The Challenge

Without a domain name solutions provider, things got a bit difficult. Their main challenge was a high volume of support calls, because customers were using multiple domain registrars to implement personalized domains on their sales pages.

Ryan, ClickFunnels' CTO, explained that the easiest way for users to get started on the platform was by using a subdomain of their application domain. That opened ClickFunnels, and their platform, to fraud. But, if users wanted to bring their custom domain, they had to manage all the details and manual work of registering and setting up DNS. Domain name management was a constant struggle.

This wasn't working. They wanted to give users the tools to register, connect, and operate customized domains within the ClickFunnels process. They needed a domain name solutions provider with the perfect balance of simplicity and high-end technology that could scale with their growing business.

The Solution

With automation through DNSimple, ClickFunnels achieved their goal. While DNSimple offers a simple, web-based interface for navigating the complexities of domain name management, the deciding factor for ClickFunnels was the DNSimple Application Programming Interface (API). This REST API allowed them to use scripts to register and manage domains directly from the ClickFunnels application.

DNSimple had the most straightforward and full-featured API out there, and their customer service was quick to respond. A great API is one thing but when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, being able to reach out to a person and get help is really important. -Ryan, CTO at ClickFunnels

Simple Implementation

ClickFunnels appreciated the straightforward process to get up and running. Thanks to our thorough documentation, and extensive support site, they had very few questions. If they had a technical issue, DNSimple support always provided a timely response.

Testing was also important to ClickFunnels, and is a critical component of API implementation. To that end, DNSimple maintains a developer sandbox at to test API calls and simulate responses. This allows developers to test scripts and ensure everything runs smoothly. DNSimple also provides complete documentation of their API, and a repository of API examples. These tools, along with the DNSimple support site, allowed ClickFunnels to test their code and feature functionality, and get assistance when needed.

A focus on strong foundations, not quick fixes

Ryan pointed out that while many domain registrars offer alternate services or features, they tend to provide so many that domain registration is no longer their priority. DNSimple has a focus, and it shows in our expertise and ability to provide excellent service.

When considering your options, look at where the company spends its energy. Look at the thoughtfulness they put into their product. When you reach out, does a person respond? This is true of any service, but DNSimple has raised the bar. […] We were able to roll out an experience our users love and continue to use in a very short period. This has increased our stickiness as a product and helped to reduce our customer churn. Clients should always be able to rely on your service, and the people behind it. – Ryan, CTO at ClickFunnels.