Tales of a Chef Workflow: Data Bags

Data bags are a useful, but sometimes dangerous feature of Chef.


New Chef Cookbook Release

We've re-written our Chef Cookbook for Chef 12 and 13 compatibility and to use our domain management API v2.


CentralNic is sunsetting several second-level .COM TLDS

CentralNic has discontinued a number of second-level TLDs they offer, including .AR.COM, .GB.COM, .HU.COM, .KR.COM, .QC.COM, .NO.COM, .SE.COM, .UY.COM.


Finding your next TLD

We revamped our top-level domain pages to make it easier to find the information that you are looking for.


An Overview of DNSimple's Custom Records

We provide specific custom records such as URL, ALIAS, and URL to simplify some of the DNS pain points.