How We Work as a Remote Team

Inspired by a recent blog post from Travis CI, I'd like to share details about how DNSimple team members work together without offices.


Refreshing invoices

I've been silently working behind the scenes at DNSimple on the design of the app. Today I'd like to introduce the first of many improvements: refreshing the invoices we send.


Let's Talk About Security

Security is all about tradeoffs. The story of how Naoki Hiroshima's Twitter handle was stolen from him should cause us all to stop and take some time to think about security.


Making transfers simple with our transfer concierge service

We know transferring domain names can be a time-consuming and scary process. Starting today we will take care of the transfer for you with our free domain transfer concierge service.


Technical reasons behind the ALIAS record

In this article I will try to explain the technical reason behind the ALIAS record and important limitations of the CNAME record you need to know.