Sporadic ALIAS record resolution failure

Post mortem of the ALIAS record resolution failure on April 6th.


Advancing DNS Into the 21st Century

Modern web applications benefit from fast DNS responses. DNS response times may still add anywhere from 10s to 100s of milliseconds to your applications overall latency. DNS providers are constantly working to reduce lookup times using technology such as caching and the use of BGP protocols. Even web browser makers like Google have joined in with fast public resolvers and even improvements in web browsers. You may have already heard of this term: pre-fetching. Well we've gone one step further…


NS3 IP Address is Changing

We will be moving NS3 from its current IP address to a new IP address.


A Go Redirection Service

An overview of how we switched the implementation of our redirector from Ruby to Go.


Partial DNS outage

On Friday, March 8th we had a partial DNS outage. Available and well performing DNS is a critical utility for the businesses our customers are running.