Perspective switch, the first step towards a good UX

Creating a product from the users perspective is our challenge, because we know what's behind the curtain. Inherited assumptions are our enemy.


Learn these 11 Tricks to get happier customers through amazing customer support

Running a business is about making your customers happy. Happy customers are more loyal and are more likely to recommend your service. Giving them a great support experience is key to making them happy. I've compiled a list of great tips and tricks on how to become a great customer support agent.


Building a distributed eventually consistent key-value store with DNS and Elixir

We build a proof of concept of a distributed, eventually consistent, key-value store in DNS using the DNSimple APIv2 and the Elixir API client.


Check out our Chef & DNSimple Webinar

JJ and David are getting together to talk DNS and Chef


Introducing new speakers

Here is how I help introduce new speakers to the stage and you can too.