Planned System Maintanence, January 7th, 2013

We will be disabling the DNSimple web application and API starting at 6:30 AM UTC January 7th, 2013 for approximately 1 hour for a planned system upgrade. We will be posting updates on Twitter during this period if the maintenance window needs to be extended.


Improved Renewal Notifications

Today we are happy to announce a brand new email notification system that makes it even easier to see what domains and certificates are nearing expiring, all in a single glance.


New Country TLDs Added

I'm happy to announce that we've added several new country-code TLDs for registration and transfer at DNSimple.


Domain Pagination

Today we shipped an update to our domain list page that adds domain pagination and improves the existing searching and filtering capabilities.


ALIAS records now respect the TTL

All ALIAS records will now respect their TTL value set at DNSimple.