Sharing Domain Management Responsibilities

We've released a new feature today to all DNSimple customers that provides a way for you to share management functionality with other DNSimple customers without sharing credentials for an account.


All of Your DNSimple Transactions in One List

Just in time for this year's tax season, you can now get a list of your transactions with DNSimple on the web site and show and print receipts for each charge transaction.


Announcing "Services" and other UI Enhancements

We're very happy to announce the roll out of an improved DNSimple web interface today to all DNSimple customers. Staying true to our name, the updates to the web interface are all about making DNS simple. Here is a rundown of what has changed and how it will make your experience with DNSimple even better.


ns3.dnsimple.com and ns4.dnsimple.com

As of today we've added two additional NS names to the name server names you can and should use for domains hosted with DNSimple.


DNS Simplified: MX Records

MX stands for Mail eXchange. MX Records tell email delivery agents where they should deliver your email. You can have many MX records for a domain, providing a way to have redundancy and ensure that email will always be delivered.