New API documentation and Other Updates

Please welcome our new DNSimple API documentation.


DNSimple acquires RoboDomain, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that RoboDomain Inc. is now a part of DNSimple!


Protect Your DNSimple Account with Two-Factor Authentication from Authy

Today we've launched two-factor authentication support in DNSimple to give you an extra level of protection against unwanted access to your account.


Post-mortem for DNS outage on July 23rd

From approximately 09:35 UTC until 10:00 UTC, July 23rd 2012, DNSimple experienced an outage across four name servers. This outage appears to be the result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Due to the attack we were unable to respond to DNS requests in a timely fashion. Our job processing queue simultaneously stopped due to a failed deployment. The backup in the job queues resulted in new subscriptions timing out and impacted customers updating DNS records.


New DNSimple Knowledge Base

DNSimple has a new Knowledge Base, available today at http://support.dnsimple.com.