Advanced Editor v2 and New APIs

I'm happy to announce that the DNSimple Advanced Editor has gotten a refresh.


Statements by Email

Starting with the current billing cycle, all DNSimple customers will now receive a statement via email with details about charges made through their DNSimple accounts.


Pricing for More than 500 Domains

If you've been looking into using DNSimple for hosting your DNS and you have more than 500 names, we now have you covered. As of today, any Reseller customers will pay a smaller per domain for domain management when you exceed 100 domains.


API Enhancements and Fixes

I'm happy to announce that we've now made SSL certificate purchasing, sharing and vanity name servers enable/disable functionality available via the DNSimple API.


DNSimple Service Level Agreement

We know how important DNS is to you. Whether you have selected DNSimple because of the easy to use domain management and registration or because of our comprehensive API or because you know that we care deeply about providing an awesome DNS and domain registration service, we want you to be confident that we will also work diligently to keep your DNS service stable and operational so you don't have to worry about it.