DNS Simplified: A Records

Today I’m starting a new series of regular blog posts called “DNS Simplified”. In these post it is my goal to describe DNS and domain name concepts so they are easy for anyone to understand.


DNSimple API Update - Domain Registration and Transfer

I've just pushed out a release of DNSimple that updates the DNSimple API to add support for domain registration, domain transfer and a variety of template and template record manipulation actions.


DNSimple Knowledge Base

We've begun work on the DNSimple Knowledge Base. If you have questions about DNS in general or about DNSimple's offerings, please send an email to support@dnsimple.com and we'll answer your questions in the Knowledge Base. We look forward to hearing from you.


Domain Registration and Transfer

DNSimple is now providing domain registration and transfer services to all of our customers.


From Beanstalkd to Resque

Yesterday I switched over DNSimple from a home grown background processing solution based on beanstalkd and custom code for handling queue messages as jobs to one using Resque.