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NAPTR and Domain Registration through the API with extended attributes

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As of yesterday, DNSimple now supports NAPTR records and domain registration and transfer of TLDs that require extended attributes through the API.

NAPTR record support means that domain holders who are interested in using services like SIP with ENUM phone number to URL mappings can now create NAPTR records through the web interface and API. The web interface breaks out the content data into its editable parts while the API interface requires a complete content string.

The second feature that was released yesterday is the ability to register and transfer domain names that require extended attributes. This includes .us domains, .ca domains, domains and any other domain that uses extended attributes. To find out what extended attributes are required for a TLD you can use the new extended attributes API call. Find out more in the API documentation or check out the latest version of the Ruby CLI and API wrapper.

As always we welcome feedback from our customers. If you need any assistance with these features or any of the other DNSimple features, please email us at, and thank you!

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