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API Enhancements and Fixes

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I'm happy to announce that we've now made SSL certificate purchasing, sharing and vanity name servers enable/disable functionality available via the DNSimple API. I'm still in the process of adding support for these new APIs into the DNSimple Ruby wrapper, but eventually I'll get them all added in.

In additional I've spent some time working on DNSimple's support for country-code top-level domains and hopefully have fixed some of the issues that people have been seeing with certain less-used ccTLDs. Everyone knows you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet (or something like that) and I may very well has introduced some additional issues during the process so please contact us if you see any issues during domain registration.

In other news, I'll be heading to Baltimore this week for RailsConf 2011. Feel free to find me and say hi and pass along any thoughts or requests for DNSimple. I always look forward to hearing from people about their experience with DNSimple. Oh, and of course I'll have chocolate.

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Anthony Eden

I break things so Simone continues to have plenty to do. I occasionally have useful ideas, like building a domain and DNS provider that doesn't suck.

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