There are some DNS records that you typically shouldn't have to deal with, such as SOA and NS records. In the past we've automatically added those records to the authoritative DNS entries for your domain when your domain is added to DNSimple, however this was not visible to you, and that was causing confusion.

Starting today all of those records which used to only be visible by querying our DNS servers will now be visible through the DNSimple site as System Records. You'll see a new System Records box in each domain's Manage page which can be used to see what system records your domain has. You can also see your system records in the advanced editor.

In addition we're now exposing a couple of other records which were previously added automatically but not editable, including the TXT record that accompanies ALIAS records and the TXT alternative for SPF records. These records will appear in your editor as normal records and can be modified just like any other record. Deleting the primary record (for example, deleting the ALIAS record) will also delete the accompanying TXT record.

As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.