In DNSimple we believe strongly in automation and we all know that managing DNS for a number of domains can be a repetitive task. For this reason, we provide two important features that allow you to speed up the management of common zone records: services and templates.

Services allow you to apply the DNS records required to enable a particular third-party service with very little effort. Templates allows you to create your own collection of DNS records and apply them to your domains whenever needed.

In the past, templates and services were tightly tied together. In fact, behind the scenes, every service was associated with one or more "global" templates living in the same user template namespace. That worked well for a while, but we eventually realized that the implementation was not very flexible and was hard to maintain.

A few months ago we released a complete overhaul of our one-click service feature by introducing git-based services and allowing anyone to submit new services that we can incorporate into DNSimple.

Today we are taking one step further in the separation between services and templates by officially removing "standard" templates. Standard templates are the legacy templates attached to the old service implementation.

The template section is now fully focused on custom user templates only, making the UI much simpler.

Standard templates have been officially replaced by services, so keep in mind that if you need to apply a standard template, either via API or UI, you must use the corresponding service instead.

As always, if you have any questions, we're here to help. Just email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.