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Supporting GitHub Student Developer Pack and Global Day of Code Retreat

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Last week GitHub launched its Student Developer Pack and we are thrilled to be one of the first companies contributing to it. As part of the Pack, any eligible student will get credit on their DNSimple account for 2 years of Bronze service. That means that for two years they can use our DNS services at no additional charge (note that domain names and SSL certificates must still be purchased at their standard price). Students can use the service for their own sites or throughout the 2 years for their school projects. They get full access to our API, Anycast network, and our ALIAS record, giving them the DNS tools they need to make their projects a reality.

We also joined as a Continent sponsor for the Global Day of Code Retreat. We've been a supporter of GDC since the early days and I personally have been to numerous code retreats, as both an attendee and as a facilitator. If you're a developer, regardless of your level of skill or choice of language, I highly recommend signing up and participating in a code retreat at least once. This year I'll be joint-facilitating in Toulouse, France, so if you're there I look forward to seeing you.

Thank you to both GitHub for the opportunity to be a part of the Student Developer Pack and to the Global Day of Code Retreat team for organizing this year's event.

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