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Is DNSimple the Right Choice for My Business Domain?

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A question we receive frequently is: "Is DNSimple the right choice for my business domain(s)? If so, why?". I'd like to take the time to share our business focus.

It's important to note our primary job: making the process of buying, managing, and operating your domains simple and painless. There are many companies selling lots of different ranges of products, upsells, and extra services. Here at DNSimple, we focus on your domains. When you buy your domain at a discount registrar and use their DNS servers, what quality is that DNS? How easy is it to make changes without being sold something else?

Let's jump in to exactly why we think DNSimple will be the right choice for your business.


This might not be where you expect us to start, but the human experience and being able to get help is incredibly important to us. We offer email-based support 24/7/365. We're also a company with a global employee presence, and we answer our own support. Instead of having a dedicated team or outsourced support personnel, every single member of the company handles the support queue directly. Everyone from the CEO, to the lead developer, to our operations team is there to answer your questions and help find the best solutions possible.

This brings a lot of advantages to our support. Not only is everyone highly knowledgeable and skilled at handling your issues, but it allows everyone on the team to hear from customers first-hand. If something isn't right, you can rely on all of us to support you.


Often as a business you don't want to go in and manage all of these records manually. This is why we have an in-depth API, and API Clients for many languages to make your integrations easier.

We also maintain a sandbox environment that you can use for free to test your integrations. All our API clients support accessing the sandbox.

Even if you don't want to write your own applications to manage DNS, many popular tools like Chef, Terraform, and Rancher support our API right out of the box.


If your business relies on your internet presence, you're looking for both quality and resiliant DNS. As technology driven businesses, we spend a lot of time thinking about how resilient and redundant our websites and databases are. But without DNS, your customers can't find your website or even exchange emails with you.

We spend a lot of time working to make sure our DNS network is resilient and fast. We have 6 points of presence worldwide from the US, to Europe, to Japan, to Australia. Even if your DNS is highly resilient, if your customers in Australia have to make requests back to the US, it's going to be a suboptimal experience.

We also have layers of DDoS and attack protection to help keep you up and running.


When deciding if we're the best for your company, it's important to consider how much you want to spend on your domains and what features you need.

Professional plans have access to most of the power-features medium-sized companies need, like Reverse DNS, regional records, and most importantly, Multi-User accounts. Whenever possible, you shouldn't have a shared login for your business, as it's easy to lose access or have those credentials leak. Our multi-user setup allows each administrator their own login and 2FA.

Our business plans offer all the features of lower plans, and other critical business features, like wire-transfer prepayment, vanity names servers, and priority support. With priority support, we ping the whole team whenever you need help, so we can make sure to resolve any questions or issues you have ASAP.


Sometimes people ask me, "I already use Cloud X, and they do all my DNS for me. Why should I use you?". This may make sense early in your business, but what happens when you grow large enough that you also want to use Cloud Y? Many cloud products offer a name service built in, as they should, but those cloud DNS products are usually highly tied to their own platform. A Route53 ALIAS record can only point to one of their instances, but when you also need them to point to Google Cloud Compute routers, that's where we come in. DNSimple is agnostic and works with any cloud platform, from Google, to Amazon, to Azure. Our ALIAS record is not tied to a single Cloud service, and thus is good for businesses that grow beyond a single platform.


If your internet presence is critical to your business, you don't want ANY single point of failure in your stack, and that includes DNS providers. If you're going to set up Secondary DNS, we support AXFR transfers, and updates out, and even have easy to use templates to set up popular secondary providers.

If you don't want to use us as the primary, or you have custom setups, you can use our API to update us alongside all your other providers. Tools like StackExchange's DNSControl and Shopify's Record Store let you configure multiple providers and set up change control management for your dns configurations.


Is DNSimple the right choice for my business domain? Yes! Of course we're right for your business. Many companies are already happy DNSimple customers. Here are just a few that trust us with their domain management automation:


If you have any more questions, please email us at, and our sales team will be more than happy to discuss your use case and needs or get started.

P.S. You may have noticed I didn't really discuss Reselling. This is a service we offer, and have plans designed just for resellers. Feel free to contact us for details.

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