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API v2: Introducing Domain Price Endpoints

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The DNSimple team has been hard at work, and we're pleased to announce the latest upgrade to our API v2 with Domain Price Endpoints.

In June 2020, we improved our API v2 to make it easier to retrieve and cancel domain transfers. We're continuing to build on our API v2 with the ability to retrieve prices for registration, transfer, or renewal of domains.

Our Domain Price Endpoints streamline the process of finding prices for domain registration, transfer, and renewal. This feature is available to all our customers, and is especially valuable for Resellers – now you can display prices to your customers without going through a multi-step process for each TLD.

Domain Price Endpoints are available across all DNSimple plans. Give us a try free for 30 days to get access to this feature, along with our robust API and streamlined DNS management.

Why is this important?

Previously, the operation to retrieve prices was complex. You had to take note of the various prices for each TLD, add their margins, and store them for each one. For premium domains, you needed to call the getDomainPremiumPrice, and pass the value to the operation you called.

These new endpoints provide a simple way to get the price for an operation.

Now you can:

  • Use getDomainPrices to check the price for a given operation. You can also check whether a domain is premium or not, and find the right price for it.

  • Use any API to register, transfer, or renew the domain. If the domain is premium, you'll find the correct price on the required premium_price attribute.

How can I use the new endpoint?

There's a new endpoint in our API v2: getDomainPrices

Here it is in action:

$ curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
       -H 'Accept: application/json' \

It returns the following payload with the domain prices, and whether or not the domain is premium:

  "data": {
    "domain": "",
    "premium": true,
    "registration_price": 20.0,
    "renewal_price": 20.0,
    "transfer_price": 20.0

For a more detailed technical explanation, take a look at our documentation for retrieving domain prices.

Final notes

This feature is available in our official API clients for Ruby, Go, Node.js, Elixir, Java, and .NET. You can learn more about how to use it on our libraries page.

DNSimple also maintains a Developer Sandbox, so you can test your API calls, and simulate responses before you go live. Whether you have one domain or hundreds, our API is a powerful tool for automating your domain management. For more on what you can do with the DNSimple API, take a look at this post.

Have more questions? Get in touch – we're always happy to help. Ready to experience best-in-class domain management? Give us a try free for 30 days.

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