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Introducing DNSimple's Terraform Provider

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We're excited to announce DNSimple's new Terraform Provider!

Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IoC) tool that allows you to build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently. With our Terraform Provider, you can easily manage your DNS infrastructure and set up any DNS records you need.

Let's talk a bit more about how Terraform makes your DNS management easier, and how to configure our new Terraform Provider.

More about Terraform

Terraform supports various service providers via providers you can install – like DNSimple's provider – so you can manage your infrastructure using a variety of providers.

The DNSimple Terraform Provider supports creating different DNSimple resources, including:

  • dnsimple_domain: Creating domains
  • dnsimple_email_forward: Setting up email forwards
  • dnsimple_lets_encrypt_certificate: Adding a Let's Encrypt certificate to your domain
  • dnsimple_certificate: Downloading a certificate
  • dnsimple_zone_record: Setting up a zone record

With DNSimple's Terraform Provider, you can ditch manual configurations and efficiently manage your DNS infrastructure. Save yourself time (and headaches) for every new domain you purchase, configure, and deploy.

Getting started

provider "dnsimple" {
    token    = "${var.dnsimple_token}"
    account  = "${var.dnsimple_account}"
    sandbox  = true
    prefetch = false

To start using DNSimple's Terraform Provider, you'll first have to configure it.

The DNSimple API v2 token must be provided in the token part of the provider's configuration.

You can use either a User or an Account Token. We recommend using the Account token. User tokens give you access to any resource associated with any account the user has access to. With an account token, you'll have access only to the resources that are connected to that account.

Not sure where to find your Account Token? We've got a handy guide on how to obtain your API Access Token in our support repo.

The account argument is the ID of the account associated with the token. For more on how to obtain your account ID, check out Account scope in our developer documentation.

The sandbox argument tells the provider to use the sandbox environment (note that the token and account ID will vary between the sandbox and our production environment. The sandbox environment is a great place to make sure you have your configuration dialled in before using it in the actual production environment.

The prefetch argument tells the provider if it should prefetch ZoneRecords when reading them. This is important when you manage many domains – otherwise you risk reaching your rate limits for API usage.

Only the token and account arguments are required.

If you want to learn more about the sandbox environment, we've got the perfect article for you - Sandbox for Testing Calls to the API.

Ready to explore more of DNSimple's Terraform Platform? Learn how to set up SSL certificates and zone records, and create domains and email forwards in our handy support article.

Why use DNSimple?

We're so glad you asked. DNSimple's carefully crafted web interface helps you manage your domains and DNS records simply and efficiently. We also offer a REST API with a variety of code libraries and tools, and Key Data Support for DNSSEC for a variety of clients.

We unite excellent DNS services and domain registration (and throw in SSL certificates) to provide a streamlined system for managing all of your domains easily – so you can focus on managing your company instead of managing domains.

Ready to simplify your domain management? Give us a try free for 30 days. Have more questions about our Terraform Provider? Drop us a line - we're always here to help.

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