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Expanding Data Centers for Fast, Authoritative DNS

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The core of DNSimple is represented by our managed DNS service consisting of an anycast network distributed across multiple regions around the world.

We launched our Anycast service in 2013 with five regions, heavily weighted towards an American presence. In 2018 we made our first post-opening addition, expanding our anycast network into Australia. Since then, we've continued to look into more expansion opportunities to support the continued growth of DNSimple's customers and their needs.

Today, I'm pleased to announce the availability of two new regions for DNSimple Authoritative and Secondary DNS: Frankfurt and Paris.

Data center map

With the addition of these two new locations, we now have three data centers in Europe and 8 Points of Presence (PoPs) in total: 3 in the US, 3 in Europe, 1 in Asia, and 1 in Oceania. We've also taken this opportunity to diversify our hosting providers, creating a heterogeneous environment that gives us better flexibility for future expansion.

Expanding our European presence has been one of our major goals this year. These two new data centers will improve our distribution of traffic across Europe, reduce latency, and further minimize the impact on our Amsterdam region during high traffic periods.

Our customers who use the Regional Records feature will see additional data center options for the new regions when managing their DNS records.

Regional records example

If you're not already using our regional records, take a look at our Professional and Business plans to learn more about how they work and which other features you might be missing out on.

We plan on continuing to expand our data centers to further reduce latency for DNS responses from our authoritative DNS and secondary DNS services in other regions. Keep an eye on the blog for more announcements, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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