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WHOIS Privacy Protection

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I've just rolled out a new feature for DNSimple called WHOIS Privacy Protection. For DNSimple customers that register with us or transfer domains into our system we can now make your WHOIS information private by putting a third-party in between you and spammers. For $8.00 per year per domain your email address and physical address will no longer be shown in WHOIS output. Email will be routed to you through a proxy email address.

You can purchase WHOIS Privacy Protection either during domain registration or after a domain is registered by following the "Make Private" link next to any registered domain. Once you've purchased WHOIS Privacy Protection the WHOIS data will be updated immediately to show the proxy information. You can disable and re-enable the protection at any time while the protection is active.

In addition I've fixed some bugs and added a couple of new commands for describing and updating records via the dnsimple-ruby API wrapper.

Finally, I'll be in Marseille this weekend for Startup Weekend Marseille. If you're in France stop by and say hi!

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