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New API documentation and Other Updates

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At DNSimple we believe that the API is an important part of what we offer. Most of our services are accessible either via web interface and every day hundreds of users manage their domains with our iPhone app or third party tools based on the API.

Until now our API documentation has been a bit inconsistent and out-of-date. But no more!

Please welcome our new DNSimple API documentation.

The new API documentation is a public Git repository and the content is written in MarkDown, so feel free to fork it and submit a pull request if you find something missing or have improvements.

It's still a work in progress, but we believe this is a great enhancement and we couldn't wait to make it available.


If you are a long time customer you may remember that we used to support XML API in the past. Though we removed all the references to the XML format and we stopped supporting it for new endpoints, we have never deprecated it… until today.

Going forward we are officially discontinuing support for the DNSimple XML API. All API requests and responses should be in JSON format. The old XML endpoints will continue to work until the end of this year. Next year we will remove the XML API from our application and all API calls expecting XML responses will no longer work. Please update your libraries and scripts to use the JSON format.

New Import Zone API

Some customers asked us to make the Zone Import feature available via an API. We listened and we now have a new Domain Zone API. Make sure to try it and let us know what do you think.


Migrating the documentation to the new site we also noticed some inconsistencies or unexpected behaviors in our API and we started a process to review and update our API responses. We will keep updating the DNSimple API documentation so make sure to check it frequently or follow the repository changelog.

Needless to say, our Ruby client is part of these ongoing updates so keep an eye out for continued improvements there as well.

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