With .IO domain registrations coming up for renewal we've found that there are a lot of questions around the renewal process. IO domains do not follow the same renewal procedures as normal TLDs like com, net and org. IO domains must have auto-renewal enabled to be renewed. IO domains may not be renewed manually at this time.

The auto-renewal must be set 1 month before the domain will expire. The best solution is to always have auto-renewal enabled. When new .io domains are registered with DNSimple we default to auto-renewing the domain in order to avoid issues. Please do not disable auto-renewal on IO domains unless you are absolutely sure you do not want the domain renewed.

You may always check if a domain is set up to auto-renew and turn auto-renewal on from your domain list. If auto-renewal is enabled you will see an icon like this next to the domain:

If auto-renewal is not enabled, the icon will look like this:

Note: you may receive one or more emails from the .io registry after your .io domain has been submitted for auto-renewal but before the domain is renewed by the .io registry. As long as you have received notification from us indicating your domain has been renewed, you do not need to worry about this email.

This explanation is also available in a support article we published that covers IO renewals. Hopefully this will help clear up how IO renewals are processed. As always feel free to contact support@dnsimple.com if you have any questions.