We've deployed support for two new services today and we've also improved the ALIAS record.

First, we've deployed a one-click service for Microsoft's Live service. If you're using Microsoft's online email service then you can now set up the DNS side of the service by just entering your Live identifier.

We also deployed a simple Shopify one-click service today as well. If you sell online with Shopify then setting up the DNS is as simple as clicking the Shopify service button on DNSimple.

Finally, the ALIAS record now supports IPv6. This means that if you look up an AAAA record for a domain where an ALIAS is used, and there is an AAAA record available from the alias target host, then that AAAA record will be returned.

As always, feel free to send us any questions you may have at support@dnsimple.com. We're always happy to help.