It is my pleasure to finally welcome Javier Acero to the DNSimple team.

Javier Acero

Javier is the newest software developer to join the DNSimple team. He joins us in Europe and will be helping me break things so Simone doesn't get bored.

If you sent an email to support in the last few weeks there is a huge chance you already met Javier since he has been knocking out customer support requests like a champion.

Javier is a software developer obsessed with testing, architecture and code quality. He has spoken in conferences and user groups in Spain and we will be pushing him to start doing that on other countries. When he is not learning a new language or reading to the sound of jazz music, he will be probably brewing coffee or playing with his gorgeous cat.

You can find him on Github, Twitter and on his long forgotten personal web page.

Welcome Javier!