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How CodeShip.io Continuously Deploys DNS Records

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Benjamin Fritsch (@beanieboi on Twitter) published a blog post on the CodeShip.io blog yesterday detailing his tool for continous deployment of CodeShip.io's DNS records directly from GitHub. This is an excellent example of using the DNSimple API to reduce the amount of work necessary to manage your DNS. For developers that live in git and who depend on it for their workflow, it makes a lot of sense to manage zone data where changes can be easily tracked and reverted.

CodeShip.io has open sourced their solution (available over at https://github.com/codeship/dns_deploy) and have even set up a demo repo so you can get a sense of how to use their library.

Head on over to the CodeShip.io blog to see the full article and read more about how and why Benjamin created dns_deploy. While you're there, make sure to check out their free e-book titled Efficiency in Development Workflow which details their development workflow.

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