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Announcing DNSound

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For decades, DNS records were known to be static and silent… not anymore! It's with great pleasure that we announce today DNSound™ – the world's first musical DNS record system. Unapologetically simple in its core features yet providing a rich and fulfilling melodic experience.

Initially dubbed Audiotechnologica DNS Máquina 5897-C – we opted for the more subtle DNSound moniker for a greater marketing appeal – the device brings lossless playback quality of your most cherished domains for the keen ear.

The genesis

The rise of the musical DNS record can be attributed in part to the mainstream adoption of auto-tune by musical visionaries of the likes of T-Pain and Kanye West that spurred a significant level of interest for alternative sound machines.

Through unequivocal extensive research and painstaking algorithmic development, our world-class team of sound engineers developed a sound generation system like no others bringing the melody of DNS Records to performers and DJs around the globe.

Let's get geeky for a second

Using the latest in sound synthesis and deep machine learning, DNSound carefully analyzes and interprets each DNS zone in your DNSimple account, crafting the ultimate artistic expression of your domains.

Our artificial intelligence system has been trained over the last 18 months, extending its knowledge from Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, to the greatest modern composers such as The Backstreet Boys and Milli Vanilli.

Unleash your inner party animal

With our proprietary Party™ mode, DNSound is sure to bring fun and amusements to your office gatherings. Whether you prefer the simple sound of the snare kicking with your CNAMEs or the chords strumming along your A Records, DNSound is the life of the party.

We recommend coupling DNSound with studio quality audio equipment for optimal results.

At this point, it's hard to believe how one could have lived without it and while we can't speculate on the future of the DNS records music industry, we believe our investment in this upcoming scene will improve the relationship that technologists have with their domains, and perhaps even peace and harmony to the entire world.

Start Jammin'

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