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DNSimple at RubyConf.PH 2016

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Last week I attended RubyConf Philippines, where I presented a talk about Maintaining a 6 years old Ruby project. Easy to imagine, this project is the DNSimple Ruby application, the one our clients use to manage their DNS records, register domains and purchase SSL certificates.

The talk was a revised version of the one I presented last year at TropicalRuby 2015. Although the name looks similar, I actually rewrote most of the presentation from scratch. You'd be surprised how many things can change in one year.

Here are the slides of my talk. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to answer them.

RubyConf Philippines has been a great event. First of all, I've had the chance to be part of the pre-conferece Underwater Ruby event, where we spent 5 days scuba diving in Anilao with other speakers and conference organizers.

Speakers from all around the world joined the conference to present at RubyConf Philippines. It was a real pleasure to meet all of them in person. Some of them have been an inspiration for me for a long time, and it was great to be able to spend some time with them and have a drink or a chat together.

One of the things I learned from attending RubyConf Philippines is that you are not a real rubyist if you have never participated into a Ruby Karaoke session. Luckily (for the safety of the other participants), I managed to not be the leading voice at any of the sessions. :D

After-conference events were an amazing opportunity to talk face to face with other RubyConf attendees, while drinking local Philippino beers and tasting local delicacies.

A big thank you to the entire RubyConf Philippines team for organizing such a great event, and thanks to all the people I met for the good times.

In a couple of weeks DNSimple will be at RailsConf 2016 in Kansas City. I'll be presenting a talk about how our Rails application evolved in the last years, how we now use the Hanami framework along with Rails and why we decided to use Hanami. Looking forward to meeting you at RailsConf.

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Simone Carletti

Italian software developer, a PADI scuba instructor and a former professional sommelier. I make awesome code and troll Anthony for fun and profit.

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