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Welcome Corey Haines

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I'm happy to welcome Corey Haines to the DNSimple team. Corey joins us to help develop and improve our registry integration, as well as work on other software systems here at DNSimple.

Corey & Little Miss Louise

Working from Chicago, Corey brings with him an extensive amount of experience in application design and development. Corey has even written a book about The Four Rules of Simple Design. If there is one thing you should know about Corey, he loves cats. He learned to paint just to paint a picture of his cat. He has commissioned artwork of his cat. It is unconfirmed, but rumor has it he only owns t-shirts with cats on them.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see what Corey can do here with the DNSimple team. I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a bit from him very soon. If you can't wait, feel free to follow him on twitter.

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I break things so Simone continues to have plenty to do. I occasionally have useful ideas, like building a domain and DNS provider that doesn't suck.

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