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Everything about DNS, you never dared to ask. A Primer.

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I've recently been to a local conference in Hamburg, where I gave an introductory talk about the best programming language on earth™️: Elixir.

The conference had an interesting 50-50 split between a curated program in the morning and open space sessions in the afternoon. I recently noticed that whenever I mention I work in the DNS space, people have a bazillion questions.

Why not make an open space session out of this?

That was the thought I had, so this conference seemed like the right place to give it a try. Add an appealing headline and get it into the bowl:

Image Credit: Silpion IT Solutions

Everything about DNS you never dared to ask!

It seemed the talk sparked some interest, enough to pack the room with about 40 people. Luckily the conference provided post-its and pens, enough to distribute it to the audience before the session started. To maximize the outcome for the attendees, the idea was to collect questions; things people do want to know. Everyone was encouraged to write down the question and pin it to the whiteboard in front of the room.

Image Credit: Silpion IT Solutions

While the audience still had the chance to add questions to the whiteboard, we started with a little introduction to DNS and Domains. We briefly talked about ICANN, the three R's of domain names, and the DNS protocol.

We covered a wide range of questions like:

  • Which DNS server can I trust?
  • How TLDs emerge?
  • How can I use DNS-over-TLS?
  • How does DNSSEC work? 👉 Answer 👉 Feature Announcement
  • Why DNS-over-HTTPS?
  • Operate your own Resolver
  • Options against amplification attacks 👉 Answer

While the scope of this post is not to answer all these questions, I linked to the correspondent resources, if we wrote about it already. In case we did not, we now know that these are right questions to answer.

What can you take away from this? I think this was a pretty nice and engaging way to share domain (pun intended) specific knowledge about the field we are working in. Maybe that's something you also may want to propose on the next barcamp you attend; if you have other questions about DNS, we have a bunch of great articles over here in our support center. Or if you need any help with your DNSimple domain, shoot us an email.

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