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Why Financial Institutions Migrate their .BANK Domains to DNSimple

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This past week, Simone Carletti (our CTO) and I had the opportunity to attend the American Banker's Association Marketing conference in Baltimore, MD. In our conversations, people often asked, "How do I meet the requirements for this special TLD?", specifically in regards to .BANK domains.

We created this customer study to answer that question and share how DNSimple helps you meet those requirements.

.BANK A Unique Domain

Since mid-2015, members of the banking and financial industry have had the opportunity to use a .BANK domain to instill consumer trust in their online presence. Anyone can buy a .COM or .NET address, but only members of the banking community who meet specific requirements can obtain a .BANK domain. A .BANK domain sets its owners apart.

The Challenge

Only verified financial institutions may register a .BANK. Because banks are targeted for phishing and scam emails, they are required to apply a set of security requirements protecting bank customers. This avoids compromised online transactions or emails. To accomplish this, financial institutions must find the right provider to help them set their domain name, and provide assistance along the way if there are questions or hesitations.

Why Financial Institutions Choose DNSimple

Top notch security:

Our managed DNS service is fully compliant with all .BANK security requirements. We give financial institutions the tools necessary to protect customers from malicious websites and compromised data: DNSSEC, 2-factor authentication, and SSL certificates.

We use strong encryption. All DNSimple properties are HTTPS-only. We fully encrypt all internet communications with a TLS connection. DNSimple also offers a fast anycast global network, with five points of presence around the world, and real-time DDoS protection.

Expert technical service:

Domain names must be hosted on .BANK name servers. Our vanity name server feature allows you to configure your own .BANK name servers with just a few clicks, to ensure compliance with all technical security requirements.

We make it easy to set up your domains. If there's an issue, we're right there to help. A dedicated engineer is at your disposal, and you'll have hands-on help setting up your domains.

You can also allow other users access to your domains without sharing private information. With Multi-Factor Authentication, we support token-based 2FA. Each user has their own separate authentication settings and credentials. You can easily grant or remove user access to an account. Manage billing, renewals, and more through separate user accounts.

We put all the tools necessary to automate domain management at your disposal.

A personal touch:

Our qualified engineers double as support, so banks get expert answers to all their questions. As a smaller, more personable company, we provide the necessary services for financial institutions to keep their .BANK domains running smoothly.


With DNSimple, financial institutions have an easy to use tool to meet their .BANK compliance needs. We provide a global AnyCast network with real time DDoS, and the peace of mind offered by multi-factor authentication and SSL security certificates.

Now that you know the requirements, and how we help you meet them, stay tuned for our upcoming post on why you need that .BANK domain.

Ready to get started? Contact us at, and we'll be happy to guide you in setting up your .BANK domain.

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