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Introducing Notes for DNS Records

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DNSimple is thrilled to announce the release of one of our most anticipated, in-demand features: Record Notes.

Our activity log can tell you who changed something, and what was changed on your DNS zone, but it's never been able to explain why the change was made. Now, with Record Notes, you can easily see the changes made along with why you made them.

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How does it work?

When creating, updating, or deleting a DNS record, you'll be prompted to include a note that explains the purpose of the record change, similar to a git commit. The form and content of record notes is up to you; there are no restrictions beyond the 512-character limit.

Adding a DNS record note

You can reference that note to make context-informed decisions about your zone. For instance, when you delete a record, you'll see the previous note and can update it to help you remember the reason for the deletion.

Removing a DNS record note

From your domain or account activity page, you can review your notes inline with their related changes.

DNS record notes in domain history

Record notes will give you and your team confidence when making a change to your DNS records. You'll never be caught wondering why a record exists or if it's still relevant.

We want to hear from you

We're making small, iterative changes, and we'd love your feedback to inform where to go next with record notes. We have some ideas, but we want to hear how you're using them and what kind of info you're storing in them.

Available on all plans

If you're already a DNSimple customer, Record notes are now available in your DNSimple dashboard. If you're not using DNSimple yet, what are you waiting for? Give us a try free for 30 days to start using Record notes, along with our other best-in-class domain management tools. Whether you have one domain or thousands, we make your domain management simple.

Have more questions or want to learn more? We're always happy to help. Take a look at our Record Notes support article, or drop us a line.

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