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Life lessons from Scott Hanselman to Millennials

Questions from a 25 year old answered by one of techs' most interesting men.

Gregg Pollack on building Code School

Q & A with one of Rails original protagonists

Corey Grusden – Building a consultancy by measuring twice and cutting once

Investing the time and money iteratively and treating the business side as a piece of software.

Rich Thornett on bootstrapping Dribbble

In this Q&A, Rich describes the early days and how a side project rose to become the Dribbble we know today.

Jeff Casimir – Giving education a run for its money with Turing School of Software & Design

Here's how a tuiton-based 7 month program that guarantees a $65k salary upon graduation is reshaping the way people learn how to code.

Corey Haines on growing and harvesting an audience

The man has done to so many cool things that all could not be included in this post.

Perfecting the freelance work-life balance à la française – Interview with Thibaut Barrere of WiseCash

Here's the story of a fine fella from France who elevated the freelancer lifestyle by opting out of the rat race and into the good life.

Heliom – Leaving client services behind to focus on building great products

When killing the cash cow allows another one to spur.

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