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Advanced Editor v2 and New APIs

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Update 2023-05-25 - WHOIS Privacy is now free across all plans. We edited this post to reflect that change.

I'm happy to announce that the DNSimple Advanced Editor has gotten a refresh.

Advanced Editor Screenshot 1

The new version makes it easier to manage your domains by providing both a record-type filter as well as a search tool for filtering your domain list.

Advanced Editor Screenshot 2

Additionally the UI has been cleaned up a bit in the process. If you need to switch back to the previous version of the editor you can do so by clicking the link “switch to version 1” link at the bottom of your record list. If you decide to switch back due to any issues with the editor please send an email to and let us know why it isn't working for you so we can improve it. Eventually we'd like to remove version 1 but first we want to make sure it works as you expect it to.

Advanced Editor Screenshot 3

In addition to the new editor we've also released some new APIs. The API now has functionality to change DNS servers to another provider other than DNSimple for domains that you register with us. You may also enable and disable WHOIS Privacy Protection through the API as well.

As always please contact support if you have any questions and thank you for being a DNSimple customer.

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