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Today we shipped an update to our domain list page that adds domain pagination and improves the existing searching and filtering capabilities.

Let's start from the most requested feature: domain pagination.

Domain Pagination

Domains are now paginated by default, with 20 domains per page. The domain list now loads faster, especially if you have a long list of domains. You can navigate your pages using the next/previous links or use the search feature to quickly narrow down your choice.

Domain Search

While typing in the search box, the domain list is updated in real time with the search results. Every domain containing the search query in the domain name is included in the result list. Results are paginated as well.

Domain Filters

You can also use the domain type filter to quickly filter your domain list. As with the search , results are displayed in real time without a page refresh.

Domain Loading

You can sort the domain list by any of the sortable headers. We currently support sorting by name and expiration date.

Domain Sorting

Sorting, filtering, searching, and pagination options can be combined altogether.


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