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DNSimple at RubyDay 2015

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While writing the coverage of the RubyConf Philippines 2016 I recently attended, I noticed I've never written anything about the Italian RubyDay 2015 in Turin.

Traditionally, I've been trying to provide a quick follow up to any event I attended, and I feel ashamed for not mentioning the RubyDay because the latest edition was a super exciting event.

More than 300 participants travelled to Turin to attend the conference, that for the very first time become an international event with the majority of talks presented in English, by a mix of Italian and international speakers.

This year I was given the honor to open the RubyDay 2015 with a keynote about algorithm. Here's the slides from my talk "Beyond the Ruby language, an introduction to algorithms".

The event was recorded, and the video is available on YouTube.

I was pleasantly surprised and really excited to hear mentions to the Italian RubyDay at the recent RubyConf Philippines, and it's also thanks to the RubyDay and TropicalRuby that we managed to organize the first Underwater Ruby event a few weeks ago.

I've been attending the RubyDay for several years, and the 2015 was the most exciting edition ever. I'm looking forward RubyDay 2016, and hope that more international speakers and attendees will join the event this year.

I've been part of the Italian Ruby community for a long time, and I personally know several of the organizers of the italian RubyDay. I'm sincerely thankful for them, the only idea to think about the time and effort they put in the organization freaks me out.

To all my fellow international Ruby friends, don't miss the opportunity to visit Italy in 2016 and attend the RubyDay 2016 in Florence.

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Simone Carletti

Italian software developer, a PADI scuba instructor and a former professional sommelier. I make awesome code and troll Anthony for fun and profit.

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