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Introducing the new Java API Client Library

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Over the last ten years, one of DNSimple's goals has been to provide more official API clients to help ease the integration of domain management automation into your software and services. Some of our primary focuses are implementing new clients, modernizing existing ones, and getting them to you through the most popular package managers for your language. We started with C# last month. Now, we're excited to announce our newest addition - Java API.

We've had a Java API Client library since 2015, but it's never passed the alpha stage – until now. We've taken the opportunity to bring it to current Java standards, and make it easier to integrate in JVM projects. We've also modernized the software project itself, making it easier for developers to contribute improvements and bug fixes with a more reliable release flow.

The development version of the client is available today on GitHub and as a Maven artifact. Full information on how to install and use the Java client can be found in the README.

We're excited to finally have a complete, modern, and light Java API Client Library. It will enable amazing projects written in any of the languages of the JVM ecosystem, including Android, to easily interact with our DNS service.

If you're developing anything involving domain management for the JVM platform, or using any of our other client libraries, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line and let us know what you're building. If we get enough developers interested in integrating DNSimple into their applications, we'll publish a dedicated post to show off what you're working on.

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