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Introducing the C# API Client Library for .NET

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One of DNSimple's long-term goals is providing more official API clients to help you easily integrate domain management automation into your software and services. To celebrate 10 years of DNSimple, we're focusing on implementing new clients and getting them to you through the most popular package managers for your language. The first new client we're releasing is C# for the .NET platform.

We've always wanted to implement an official C# client. After CodeMash this year, we finally committed to making this client a priority. The development version of the client is available today on GitHub, and as an installable package from NuGet. Full information on how to install and use the C# client can be found in the README.

We hope this client spurs creative new projects in the C# and .NET community. Whether you want to build the next desktop client for domain management with DNSimple as the backend, or you're building and deploying network applications to Azure, the C# client will simplify your integration and save you tons of time and money.

In case you missed it, we're also continuing our sponsorship of the .NET Rocks podcast with a multi-week sponsorship that's already underway. We love the work Carl and Richard put into the podcast each week, and we're happy to be able to support them.

If you're developing anything involving domain management for the .NET platform, or using any of our other client libraries, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line, and let us know what you're building. If we get enough developers interested in integrating DNSimple into their applications, we'll publish a dedicated post to show off what you're working on.

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