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Simplify DNSimple Access with Google Single Sign-On and Social Login

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Today we're launching our Google Identity Provider integration, making it easy to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google Workspaces for any Professional or Business DNSimple account. We're also adding Google Social Login for all new accounts.

Google Single Sign-On

SSO lets users access multiple applications with one set of login credentials — simplifying password and username management for enterprises, smaller organizations, and individuals. Social login is a form of SSO using existing information from a social networking service, like Google, to sign in to a third-party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website.

SSO with Google makes it even easier for you to sign up for, and sign in to, DNSimple. For our Professional and Business customers, it also simplifies adding and removing members in domain management teams. Let's talk more about why this matters and how it works.

Why is this important?

SSO makes it easier for your team to access DNSimple and reduces the overhead of managing team members.

Many of you use Google Workspace for your business email accounts. Each team member in your company already has a Google Workspace account that your company manages. By integrating with Google as an Identity Provider, anyone in your Google Workspace can request access to your DNSimple account. Account administrators with full access still retain the right to approve or deny access to any Workspace team member. We've taken the integration even further to automatically remove Workspace members who are suspended or deleted from linked DNSimple accounts. Single Sign-On reduces the burden of managing each team member in your DNSimple account, while still providing strong control over who can or can't join.

SSO also centralizes your organization's identity security to help you manage risk at scale. Access is limited to users within your corporate domain and helps protect important domain names and DNS configurations. We've also integrated SSO with our existing Domain Access Control features, so you can manage access for each team member on a per-domain basis.

How does it work?

In each Professional or Business account, a team member with full access has to enable SSO with Google Workspaces where you want to allow it. Once enabled, members of the Google Workspace can request permission to access the account.

Enabling Single Sign-On

Enable Google Single Sign-On

  1. Go to the Account page, and click the "Single Sign-On" tab.
  2. Clicking Add next to the Google SSO provider will take you to Google to authorize the Workspace.
  3. Google will show you what access DNSimple is requesting.
  4. Google SSO is enabled on the account.

You'll need to go through this process for each account where you want Google SSO enabled.

Logging in

Once SSO is enabled on an account, any member of the Google Workspace can request access to the DNSimple account. An email is sent to the account owner indicating a new team member has signed in to the account. Any team member with full access can configure access roles for the new team member.

Approved team members can now easily log in with their Google identity. Your company's Google Workspace admin can also remove or suspend users from the Google Workspace. If they have access to DNSimple, that access will be revoked automatically, greatly reducing the administration requirements for your organization.

Google Social Signup and Login

We've also enabled Google as a social login, allowing new customers to create an account using just their Gmail identity.

Google Social Sign Up

We'll use your Gmail address as your user and account address. If you already have a DNSimple account, you can link it to your Google identity, so you can log in with your username and password or Google.


If you already have a DNSimple account on our Professional or Business tier, and a Google Workspace for your organization, you can start using Google as your identity provider today. Log in to your DNSimple account, enable Google SSO, and you're ready to go. For now, we're only supporting Google for SSO. However, we may consider adding additional providers, like Okta, Microsoft, and others, in the future.

If you don't have a DNSimple account, give us a try free for 30 days, and click "Sign up using Google". If you have any questions around Google SSO, or anything else about DNSimple, get in touch – we're always here to help.

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