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At DNSimple, our whole team is dedicated to the reliability and security of your domains - because dependable DNS services are key to the success of your business. You need to know your site will be secure and available whenever your customers try to access it, and your customers need to know their information is safe.

Three major factors for keeping your site up, running, and secure are DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) defense, secondary DNS, and a 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement).

We'll talk more about each of these and why they're critical to your domain management.

Does your provider have Anycast & DDoS defense?

DDoS defense is one of the most important things you need to protect your domains, and it is crucial that your provider is prepared for the worst. A DDoS attack can take your site down for extended periods of time, preventing your customers from accessing your business. Malicious actors target sites and services, overwhelm them with traffic, and render them inoperable.

Because keeping your domains secure is our top priority, DNSimple offers DDOS protection automatically for all our customers at no extra cost.

We also offer Anycast on every plan, so you'll have fast, reliable, secure DNS resolution. Some providers reserve Anycast for their most expensive plans, but we're not most providers. All domains at DNSimple are served through Anycast using our global network of DNS servers. Your zones will be deployed to all of our locations, resulting in fast lookups and reliable responses for your customers no matter where they are.

With multiple points of presence around the world and powerful DDoS defense, you can rely on DNSimple to keep your domains up and running.

Do you have secondary DNS enabled?

DNSimple works as either your primary provider, automatically syncing to a secondary DNS provider of your choice, or as a secondary provider for your existing primary DNS service.

Secondary DNS acts as a safeguard, so if your primary DNS provider goes down, your site doesn't go down along with it. Enable secondary DNS from your account, or add DNSimple as a secondary DNS provider, and improve the redundancy and resilience of your DNS.

If you host your Primary DNS on your own name servers, you can take advantage of our multi-layered DDoS defense with DNSimple as a Secondary DNS provider to further ensure 100% uptime from your DNS services.

Does your current provider offer a 100% SLA?

We take your domain security and uptime seriously, which is why we not only provide all of the above on every plan, we also offer a 100% SLA on authoritative DNS and API access for Business Plans and higher. With safeguards like DDoS defense, secondary DNS, and Anycast in place, we've built our infrastructure to be consistent and reliable, and we're confident in its ability to ensure your domains are always up and running.

Our 100% SLA further ensures quality, availability, and dependability from our service, so you can trust we've got you covered.

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Uptime and security are our top priorities because they're your top priorities. That's why we take every precaution with your domains. Want to see how your current DNS provider stacks up to DNSimple's dependability and automation? We've got a checklist for you.

If you're ready for a DNS provider that takes security seriously and makes your domain management easier than ever, give us a try free for 30 days. Have more questions about your DNS and how we can help? Drop us a line - we'd love to chat.

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