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DNSimple's New, Improved DNS Record Editor

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If you use DNSimple, you know we're constantly working to enhance our tools. From registration and security to data entry and organization— we're here to make your DNS management easier.

DNS consists of many different record types. Some are common, and used for things like pointing your domain to a specific IP address or identifying which server your email will be sent to. Some are more rare, deprecated, or have been replaced. With all the different record types and rules, entering the necessary content can be challenging. That's why we're excited to announce our new improved DNS record editor.

We're introducing new form elements (dropdowns and radio buttons), along with error message enhancements and a new simple content editor. These improvements mean you can enter DNS record content more easily, avoid errors, and fix issues faster if something goes wrong.

Let's talk more about why we decided on these enhancements and how they're going to improve redundancy and make your DNS management even easier.

Simplifying a challenging process

With DNSimple, you can create up to 16 different types of DNS records. While most have simple content, some need to comply with specific structures and follow a set of formatting rules, which can be time consuming to enter. For a list of DNS record types, and more about DNS records in general, take a look at our support documentation.

For example, NAPTR (Name Authority Pointer)record content must contain six parts separated by spaces — the first couple parts being numbers, the next three being double-quote delimited strings, and the last part being an optional domain name.

DNSimple's site counts with special forms that break up the information used to compose the contents of complex DNS records into separate fields, but sometimes customers ended up using the API for certain record types so they didn't have to manually split up the content. We wanted to simplify the process.

Avoid errors and fix issues

Many services depend on the validity of DNS record contents, and a simple content editor can be a better tool. So we added one.

With this new editor, you can copy/paste DNS record content from third party service providers. Our new form elements also feature a closed set of options that limit the values that can go on each record type. And our error message enhancements simplify avoiding errors and fixing issues with invalid DNS record content.

A number of DNS management providers require customers to deal with multiple UIs and methods of entering record data. They often provide the actual content of the records that need to be created, and instruct users to set up DNS records on their zones. When none of our service connectors or 1-click services can be leveraged to make this easier, enabling users to paste DNS record contents with the simple content editor form helps reduce the chance of accidentally introducing errors. It also allows you to edit invalid data, so you can avoid errors when interacting with other providers.

Streamline your DNS management

Redundancy is a key aspect of any system — especially if you want to keep your domains up and running. These improvements help ensure your DNS management is as error and issue-free as possible for both primary and secondary DNS. Learn more about using our simple content editor in our support documentation

Whether you're using DNSimple as a primary or secondary provider, we're here to make your DNS management easier. If you're ready for easy, automated DNS with a provider that takes innovation and security seriously, give DNSimple a try free for 30 days. Have more questions? Drop us a line — we'd love to chat.

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