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DNS Analytics with DNSimple's New API Endpoint

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At DNSimple, we work to be as transparent as possible about your DNS and domain management costs. With the most recent changes in our subscription plans, we introduced volumetric billing, so your costs scale with your usage. Now, we're rolling out a new API endpoint that tells you exactly how many DNS queries your domains are receiving.

This new endpoint lets you pull detailed information about your domains' query volume per-day and/or per-zone. If you integrate with our API to manage a large number of zones, this enables you to retrieve usage information. For our Enterprise and Teams customers who manage fewer zones, it provides a detailed analysis of your usage.

All customers on any plan will be able to use the DNSimple API to retrieve query volume data for all zones currently in the account. Let's go over how you can get set up, and why we've made these changes.

Better insight into your DNS query volume

First, you'll need a DNSimple subscription. Don't have one yet? Find the plan that fits your needs, and give us a try free for 30 days.

Create an API access token to send your requests to our API. Once you've created your access token, follow the steps in our developer documentation to query your DNS analytics.

With this endpoint, you can query specific periods of time up to one month and define multiple groupings. For example, you could group by zone name and date, sort by descending order, and limit the number of results per page. Using these example parameters, you'll see a row with three values — one for the date, one for the zone name, and another for query volume. Combine these groupings to view detailed information about your domains' DNS queries over a period of time.

All these parameters are detailed in the developer docs linked above, and we've included some examples so you can see it in action.

You can also use any of our API Clients that support this feature to get the same type of results in your code — currently Ruby, Go, or Python. We'll be releasing support for this feature in our other API clients soon.

Gain the information you need

For resellers, this feature makes it easier for you to gain insight into your zone queries and the resulting costs. If you're reselling domain registration and DNS resolution services, or managing third-party assets, you can break down your costs in terms of volumetric billing and pass them on to your customers.

If you're subscribed to our Teams or Enterprise plan, this endpoint provides an effective way to analyze your data. And if you're considering upgrading your subscription to the new Solo or Teams plans, this will help you learn what your costs will look like once you switch. You can also try our new pricing calculator to find out how switching to our new plan structure can help save you money.

Streamlined DNS management, transparent pricing

Whether you're a developer using DNSimple for personal domains, or a business operating your critical DNS infrastructure, we bring you simple, streamlined DNS management at accessible, transparent pricing.

If you have multiple high-volume zones or receive a very high number of monthly queries, contact sales for Enterprise pricing, and we'll get you set up with what you need. Interested in joining our reseller program to create recurring revenue? Get in touch — we'll help you fast track your domain reselling business.

Take a look at our developer documentation to get set up, or drop us a line with any questions, and we'll be happy to help. Not using DNSimple yet? Give us a try free for 30 days, and let us simplify your DNS and domain management.

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