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Improved Pricing and Customizable DNS Hosting

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We've released a number of features and made a lot of updates at DNSimple this year. These improvements have almost all focused around our Integrated Domain Providers and Integrated DNS Providers, and are all part of our vision for a Domain Control Plane - a single pane of glass for managing your domains and DNS, wherever they live.

Along with these major feature releases, we're updating our prices, making it even easier for you to choose DNSimple for personal and professional use. Our new pricing structure creates significantly less expensive DNS and domain services for the majority of our customers.

But why would we want to do that? And how do these changes benefit you? So glad you asked. Let's talk about it.

Use DNSimple the way you want

We're making it easier for you to use DNSimple how you want to. Over the past two years, we've looked at how our customers use DNSimple and where we can adjust our pricing to align value for you with the costs of operating and improving DNSimple. The results of this work are the pricing changes we're introducing.

These updates let you use DNSimple in the way that works best for you:

  • Register domain names and use another DNS provider without paying additional fees.
  • Manage your authoritative DNS zones in DNSimple. Only pay for the zones you manage and the queries they produce.
  • Pay nothing and manage domains and DNS from other providers like AWS and GoDaddy using our UI and API.
  • Order certificates from Let's Encrypt or Sectigo without using other DNSimple services, paying only the required certificate purchase fees.
  • Mix and match everything above, and only pay for the services you use.

We're also introducing new features to our Teams plan — including support for scoped API tokens and Okta for managing your team members in DNSimple.

Currently, only new customers and those on the existing Solo and Teams plans will be immediately impacted by these changes.

A new pricing structure

Pay for the zones you use

We're reducing the per-zone price for both our Solo and Teams plans from $2.00 to $0.50 per-zone, per-month, with no minimum zone count. Since you'll only pay for the zones you use, you can now register domain names, use another DNS provider, and just pay for domain registrations and renewals on the Solo Plan — without the base subscription cost.

Flat-rate query volume pricing

Our brand-new query volume pricing has a simple flat rate of $0.10 per million queries per-zone, per-month. For 99% of our customers, one million queries per month covers the traffic for any zone in their portfolio. For customers with over one million queries, this low price simplifies scaling based on your usage. We've also added a tool to your Account dashboard, under Billing and plans, showing your total account volume, as well as the query volume for your top 100 DNS zones. If you have very high-volume zones, contact us at for Enterprise pricing, and we'll get you set up with what you need.

Per-seat pricing

We've added per-seat pricing, exclusive to the Teams Plan. This plan includes a single seat, with additional seats at $29 per seat, and we've reduced the base price from $199 to $29. For organizations with multiple team members, this plan ensures each team member has their own secure credentials, multi-factor authentication, and domain access control to protect your company's most important domain assets.

Switching your plan

If you're a Solo and Teams customer who signed up during or after July 2023, we'll automatically switch you to these new plans so you can start saving money immediately. If you signed up before July 2023, you can switch to these new plans at any time through your account management page. We'll start retiring old plans in 2024, and we'll work with you to make sure you're on the plan that fits your needs. You can find more details about changing plans here.

A new vision for DNSimple

These price changes aim to create a fair balance between cost and value for your DNS and domains at DNSimple. Now it's even easier to try DNSimple's Domain Control Plane to manage all of your domains and DNS, along with lower zone prices and no minimums. Whether you're a developer using DNSimple for personal domains, or a business operating your critical DNS infrastructure with DNSimple, we have a plan for you.

Our Domain Control Plane is a single pane of glass for managing your DNS and domains. Whether you have domains at DNSimple, another provider like Amazon Route 53 or GoDaddy, or you're running CoreDNS for on-premise DNS, our Domain Control Plane simplifies your domain management even further.

We believe we've found the best balance between price and value, but we're always open to addressing specific needs you and your organization might have. Reach out with any questions or concerns - we'd love to help. Give us a try free for 30 days, and find out how DNSimple can work for you.

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