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Domain Control Plane Improvements

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We launched the Domain Control Plane in December 2023 as a single pane of glass where you can view and manage all of your domains and DNS, whether they're registered with us or another service. We currently support DNS management through Azure, Route53, and CoreDNS, and domain management through GoDaddy.

Six months in, we're taking a look at what's working, what we're improving, and what's changed.

In our most recent round of updates, we unified your DNS record editor experience, so you'll be able to use a single record editor to manage everything. We've also discontinued GoDaddy domain registration via DNSimple due to recent API changes on GoDaddy's end, and adjusted the integration management for our Route53 and Azure Integrated DNS Providers to fine-tune your overall experience.

These changes will take effect for all customers across all plans. If you use the Domain Control Plane, you'll see these changes immediately. And even if you don't, you'll still notice a few minor changes, like the cleaner record editor interface with group actions.

Let's go over what we've improved and updated since we released the Domain Control Plane.

A cleaner DNS record editor experience

Previously, anyone using the Domain Control Plane had to use a separate instance of the DNS record editor to manage DNS records between DNSimple and the integrated provider. It wasn't the most intuitive process, so we improved it.

Rather than adding or removing functionality, we merged the regular and Domain Control Plane-specific record editor together, so you'll now see one unified record editor. This single editor view offers additional record management functionality when dealing with an integrated zone from an integrated provider.

DNS record editor with an integrated provider

Discontinuing GoDaddy domain registration

GoDaddy's recent API policy changes have made the integration with GoDaddy unreliable for our customers. Not every GoDaddy customer can use the GoDaddy API without fulfilling certain requirements. They've limited their Availability API to accounts with 50 or more domains, and their Management and DNS APIs to accounts with 10 or more domains and/or an active Discount Domain Club plan. We want to be a reliable partner for all of our customers, so we decided to remove the ability to register domains at GoDaddy via DNSimple's UI or API.

You'll still be able to import integrated domains to view and manage them, and get email notifications when your integrated domains are near expiry.

Integration management for DNS providers

We're updating the integration management for DNS providers to prioritize giving you full control over which zones will be imported and synchronized from the Integrated Provider to DNSimple. You'll now be able to specifically select which zones will be available within DNSimple, ensuring your data sovereignty. This means that during initial setup, you'll need to select the zones that should be imported into DNSimple, in addition to configuring your credentials. If you don't select any zones, none will be imported. You can always change the selection for a connected Integrated Provider by selecting or deselecting zones from the integration management dialog.

Along with these changes, we mitigated a few issues, like using the same Integrated Provider across accounts and clarifying the experience when deleting zones from an existing provider integration. We've also updated the interface and documentation to use the same terms throughout.

Unify your DNS management

The DNSimple Domain Control Plane unifies your domain, DNS, and certificate management in a single dashboard, even if these resources aren't hosted by DNSimple. Get clarity around the entirety of your domain and DNS portfolio, and manage it all through a single unified API and UI. As we continue to add more Integrated Providers, we'd love to hear which ones you'd like included — let us know.

The DNSimple team is always innovating and improving to offer exciting new solutions to complex DNS management, whether you're working on a single passion project or managing thousands of domains. If you have any questions or want to talk more about your DNS management or the Domain Control Plane, get in touch — we're always happy to chat.

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