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Is it DNSimple, eh?

Now and then we all need to flex our developer's muscles and build something fun and useful. Learn how to never miss if a website uses your favorite domain automation provider.

Announcing Two-Factor Enforcement for Accounts

We've released two-factor authentication enforcement for accounts to make using DNSimple even more secure for your domains.

Announcing CDS/CDNSKEY Support

DNSimple now automatically generates CDS & CDNSKEY records for every DNSSEC signed zone.

.SE and .AI domain registrations now available

You can now use DNSimple to register and manage .SE and .AI domains. Read on for details.

API v2: Zone Distribution Check

Announcing API v2 methods for checking the distribution of DNS zones.

.APP and .PAGE domain registrations now available

Good news! You can now use DNSimple to register and manage .APP and .PAGE domains. Read on for details.

Expanding into Australia

We've expanded into the Australia region with our new Sydney datacenter.

Announcing Let's Encrypt API Public Beta

You can now request, download, install, and renew a Let's Encrypt certificate via the DNSimple API.

Upcoming changes to domain expiration and notifications

We recently made some changes in the way we deal with expiration dates. In this post I'm going to explain the changes we introduced and how they affect you.

Revamping our referral program

A referral program is a powerful way to get new customers. We recently breathed new life into our referral program.

Finding your next TLD

We revamped our top-level domain pages to make it easier to find the information that you are looking for.

An Overview of DNSimple's Custom Records

We provide specific custom records such as URL, ALIAS, and URL to simplify some of the DNS pain points.

DNSSEC Beta Launch

Beta support for DNSSEC at DNSimple is here! Read on to see how to enable DNSSEC on your domains.

Manage your domains like a ninja with these few keyboard shortcuts

Find out how you can quickly access any resource with a few key presses.

The DNSimple Platform Developer Preview

Starting today we are opening up the DNSimple Platform to a select group of developers, to help shape the future of domain management automation.

Introducing CAA records

Let Certificate Authorities know if they are allowed to issue certificates for your domain with this new record type.

Introducing activity tracking

The new activity tracking feature will allow you to browse the history of all the things that happened in your DNSimple account.

DNSimple API v2 is now Generally Available

Today we are making a big step towards providing services for domain management automation with the general availability of the latest generation of our domain management API.

Easier domain contact verification

We have implemented a new feature that alerts you when your domain is pending contact verification

Announcing Let's Encrypt Public Beta

The Let's Encrypt integration allows DNSimple customers to request a free certificate issued by the Let's Encrypt certification authority for any domain managed with DNSimple.

Announcing the Node.js API client

JavaScript joins Elixir, Go, and Ruby as the fourth language to have an official client for the version 2 of the DNSimple API.

Announcing Elixir API client

Elixir joins Go and Ruby as the third language to have an official client for the version 2 of the DNSimple API.

API v2: announcing filtering and sorting

With API v2 in beta, we're releasing new features requested by our developers community. Today we announce filtering and sorting.

DNSimple Slack app

A quick and fun new way to register domains and to update your account right from your team's Slack channel.

Announcing DNSound

Every wondered what your domains sound like?

Publish DNSimple events to a Slack channel

Strillone is service that listens to incoming webhooks from DNSimple, and publishes them to a Slack channel or other chat service.

Announcing DNSimple webhooks

With the new DNSimple webhooks, you can now track events happening inside your accounts, improve your integrations, and make managing your domains even easier.

Announcing DNSimple API v2 Beta

The new version of the DNSimple API (v2) is now available in Public Beta.

A new dashboard

Find, and easily manage all your domains across your accounts from one simple place.

DS Records for DNSSEC

Today we take our first step towards supporting DNSSEC by enabling DS record management for registerd domains.

Multi-year SSL certificates are here!

It's now possible to purchase or renew SSL certificates for more than one year.

Announcing SSL Installation Instructions for Azure

We've just launched a new set of instructions for installing SSL certificates on Microsoft Azure.

New authenticator-compatible two-factor authentication

Today we are very happy to announce a complete overhaul of our 2-step verification system based on the TOTP specifications.

DNS Hosting per domain

With this new feature you can selectively enable/disable DNS hosting for a specific domain.

Multiple Accounts, Teams, New Plans and New Features

Today we are launching new features, including multiple account support and teams, as well as new plans with new features. We've been working on this for a while now, and we're excited to finally put in your hands. Read on for details.

The new face of the certificate page

We've just redesigned the domain certificate page to make it easier to see a certificate order, download and install an SSL certificate.

Customize your billing email

Now you can decide what email address DNSimple invoices will be sent to.

Making secondary DNS configuration simple

We have simplified the setup of Secondary DNS by adding pre-populated providers.

Announcing Secondary DNS support

After several weeks of hard work we are very happy to announce that DNSimple supports Secondary DNS starting today.

Enhancing SSL Security

We're always improving security at DNSimple. Here is what we did for our SSL setup.

SSL certificate installation wizard

The new SSL certificate installation wizard will guide you throughout the setup of the certificate on your server.

Your domain management page has been redesigned

The domain manage page is your dashboard for everything about your domain. We're happy to introduce a new page that should make everything easier.

Yes, we SHA-2

All DNSimple certificates are now using the SHA-2 (SHA-256) hashing algorithm.

Disable Notifications on Expiring Domains

Getting notifications about domains you just want to expire about can be annoying. Now you don't need to see them anymore.

Two Factor Authentication Support for API

API now supports Two Factor Authentication, any API call will now comply with the 2FA settings of your account.

PDF invoices now available

We have been working on our invoicing system a lot lately. Today we are finally releasing one of the most requested features: PDF invoices.

DNSimple iOS 3.0 now available

I'm extremely excited to announce a new major version of the DNSimple iPhone application.

The Next Break Through in DNS Technology

Today we're introducing a new technology that revolutionizes DNS delivery. Read on to find out more about this amazing break-through.

.computer .experts .in .sexy .pink .shoes .catering .coffee .today

We have expanded our DNS hosting so it covers all new gTLDs and private domains.

Refreshing invoices

I've been silently working behind the scenes at DNSimple on the design of the app. Today I'd like to introduce the first of many improvements: refreshing the invoices we send.

Making transfers simple with our transfer concierge service

We know transferring domain names can be a time-consuming and scary process. Starting today we will take care of the transfer for you with our free domain transfer concierge service.

Subscription Renewals Invoiced

Starting today we will send an invoice when your subscription is renewed, making it easier to track all of your DNSimple charges via invoices.

Announcing the Versioned API

Today we're marking an important milestone in our API development. We're officially announcing a new versioned API and a new dedicated API base URI.

New Services for the New Year

We've deployed support for two new services today and we've also improved the ALIAS record. Read on for details.

Resending an SSL Certificate Approval Email

You can now resend an SSL certificate approval email using the link in your certificate page.

Moving Domains within DNSimple

We often receive requests about moving domains from one DNSimple account to another. The good news is that you can accomplish this easily, without going through the domain transfer process.

Reset domain token from UI and API

Starting right now, you can reset the domain token from the application.

Contribute One-Click Services via a Github Pull Request

Suggesting a one-click service is now very simple. Fork our DNSimple Services project on Github, develop your service integration and issue a pull request.

New Resolution Status widget

We silently rolled a completed new version of the Resolution Status indicator with real-time results.

Record deletion confirmation

By popular demand, we added a confirmation dialog when trying to delete a record from the advanced editor.

Heroku Service - Specify Your App Name

Today we deployed a change to how the Heroku one-click service works. Heroku recently released their European region, and with that change they deprecated the "proxy" subdomain for Heroku apps. To make DNSimple's one-click service compatible with this change, we now require your Heroku app name, as it appears in your subdomain. When you add Heroku just enter your app name part of the domain and you should have an ALIAS for your apex domain and a CNAME for "www". You can always add or change these later.

Improving Visibility With System Records

Starting today all of those records which used to only be visible by querying our DNS servers will now be visible through the DNSimple site as System Records.

Simplify Your Accounting with Yearly Billing

By popular demand, you can now switch to yearly billing for your DNSimple subscription and benefit from 1 month of service for free.

Extended DNS Hosting to All IDN Domains

We're now supporting DNS hosting for all IDN TLDs.

Improved Renewal Notifications

Today we are happy to announce a brand new email notification system that makes it even easier to see what domains and certificates are nearing expiring, all in a single glance.

New Country TLDs Added

I'm happy to announce that we've added several new country-code TLDs for registration and transfer at DNSimple.

Domain Pagination

Today we shipped an update to our domain list page that adds domain pagination and improves the existing searching and filtering capabilities.

ALIAS records now respect the TTL

All ALIAS records will now respect their TTL value set at DNSimple.

New API documentation and Other Updates

Please welcome our new DNSimple API documentation.

Protect Your DNSimple Account with Two-Factor Authentication from Authy

Today we've launched two-factor authentication support in DNSimple to give you an extra level of protection against unwanted access to your account.

DNSimple iPhone App v2 is Now Available

Thanks to the hard work of Florin T. Patrascu, DNSimple now has a brand new version for its iPhone app, and it's awesome. With version 2.0 you can now register and transfer domains right in the app. It also possible to manage all of your various record types now as well and has a bunch of performance enhancements too.

Introducing the POOL Record - A new virtual record providing a pool of CNAME records

I'm pleased to announce the general availability of a new virtual record type called POOL record, that lets you create multiple CNAME records on the same subdomain.

How The ALIAS Virtual Record Works

Late last year we introduced the ALIAS virtual record type at DNSimple. Since then we've had numerous people ask us how we implemented the functionality. While we are always making incremental changes, here is an overview of how it works:

Introducing the ALIAS Record - Naked Domain Aliasing that Works!

Today I'd like to introduce a new record type that we've added to make pointing to dynamic hosting services a little less painful.

Whois UI

DNSimple's WHOIS lookup interface allows you to lookup WHOIS information for a domain.

Advanced Editor v2 and New APIs

I'm happy to announce that the DNSimple Advanced Editor has gotten a refresh.

Statements by Email

Starting with the current billing cycle, all DNSimple customers will now receive a statement via email with details about charges made through their DNSimple accounts.

Pricing for More than 500 Domains

If you've been looking into using DNSimple for hosting your DNS and you have more than 500 names, we now have you covered. As of today, any Reseller customers will pay a smaller per domain for domain management when you exceed 100 domains.

API Enhancements and Fixes

I'm happy to announce that we've now made SSL certificate purchasing, sharing and vanity name servers enable/disable functionality available via the DNSimple API.

Vanity Name Servers and Record Notes

We've just rolled out two new features for DNSimple that we'd like to share with you.

Refer a Friend, Get Free DNS

As of today you can now get one month of free DNS service for each customer you refer to DNSimple when that customer activates their account. The person you refer also gets a free month in addition to the 30-day free trial they already get, effectively giving them free DNS for 60 days.

SSL Certificates and Lower Prices on Registrations

We've been hard at work here and have some exciting announcements.

Sharing Domain Management Responsibilities

We've released a new feature today to all DNSimple customers that provides a way for you to share management functionality with other DNSimple customers without sharing credentials for an account.

All of Your DNSimple Transactions in One List

Just in time for this year's tax season, you can now get a list of your transactions with DNSimple on the web site and show and print receipts for each charge transaction.

Announcing "Services" and other UI Enhancements

We're very happy to announce the roll out of an improved DNSimple web interface today to all DNSimple customers. Staying true to our name, the updates to the web interface are all about making DNS simple. Here is a rundown of what has changed and how it will make your experience with DNSimple even better.

WHOIS Privacy Protection

I've just rolled out a new feature for DNSimple called WHOIS Privacy Protection. For DNSimple customers that register with us or transfer domains into our system we can now make your WHOIS information private by putting a third-party in between you and spammers. For $8.00 per year per domain your email address and physical address will no longer be shown in WHOIS output. Email will be routed to you through a proxy email address.

NAPTR and Domain Registration through the API with extended attributes

As of yesterday, DNSimple now supports NAPTR records and domain registration and transfer of TLDs that require extended attributes through the API.

Edit Domain Records

A new deployment of DNSimple has gone live, bringing with it the ability to edit records. Previously you had to delete the old record and add a new one in order to make a change, now you can simply click the Edit link and make the changes you need, save the record and the DNS servers will be updated.

DNSimple API Update - Manage Contacts

I've just pushed an update to the DNSimple API that adds support for listing, describing, creating and deleting contacts.

DNSimple API Update - Domain Registration and Transfer

I've just pushed out a release of DNSimple that updates the DNSimple API to add support for domain registration, domain transfer and a variety of template and template record manipulation actions.

Domain Registration and Transfer

DNSimple is now providing domain registration and transfer services to all of our customers.

Domain Management Automation

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