Posts in Culture

Step Two: Electric Bogatoo

By month two things calmed down in dramatic fashion.

Our time tracking experiment

How collectively tracking our time spent working gave us a bird's eye view on our operations.

How to write a short comic

A quick walkthrough on how to write your very own comic

Working in coffeeshops

Working remote means working from anywhere, we collected 5 tips to work from coffeeshops without getting kicked out or dying overdose of caffeine.

Step One of Twelve

Following a year of adjustment with even more adjustment.

Our Lanzarote winter meetup recap

This post is a recap of the DNSimple meetup held on the island of Lanzarote from the 7th to the 14th of December, 2016.

The Villains of Remote Work

Remote work and small teams come with their own challenges, these are some of mine.

How we hired our first Apprentice

Learn how we hired our first ever Apprentice, Mak.

The DNSimple Team on Remote Working

For this post the entire DNSimple team contributed their thoughts on remote working and what it means for each of us. Read on to find out about what we love about it, what challenges we face, and how each of us deals with those challenges.

How We Work as a Remote Team

Inspired by a recent blog post from Travis CI, I'd like to share details about how DNSimple team members work together without offices.

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