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Sharing Domain Management Responsibilities

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We've released a new feature today to all DNSimple customers that provides a way for you to share management functionality with other DNSimple customers without sharing credentials for an account. Domains can be shared independently from each other and only with the accounts that need access to them.

Account Status Tasks

Using sharing is easy, just follow the Share link in the Tasks section of a domain's management page. Next click on the Share with Another User link.

Users With Access

Enter the user's email address and press Share. If they already have an account with DNSimple then the domain will automatically appear in their domain list. If they do not have an account then an invitation email will be sent indicating that a domain has been shared with them and that they may create an account to manage that domain.

Share User Email Address

Accounts that have access to a shared domain are limited as to what they can do with the domain. Specifically they can only add, edit and remove records from the domain or add and remove services. They cannot renew domains, change domain contact information, delete the domain, etc. The full list of how domain managers are restricted appears on the page where you enter an email address to share with.

We've also added a small metric box on the domain manage page that shows approximately how many queries a domain has received in the last 30 days along with a little spark graph.


Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions or issues: or email

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