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If you're unfamiliar with WHOIS, it is a public database of information about domain holders that is provided by most top-level domains.

One way to get information from a whois database is to use a command-line tool such as whois. Another way is to use a web site like whois.net or whois.domaintools.com.

Now you have another option with DNSimple's WHOIS lookup interface. You can go to https://dnsimple.com/whois to get started or you can go straight to a specific domain such as https://dnsimple.com/whois/google.com

Whois UI Update

Please note that this is a public service that we are providing to make it easy to see the WHOIS data for domains without using a command-line tool. Please do not use it for automated lookups driven by scripts or other software.

As always, please direct any questions to support@dnsimple.com. Thanks!

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