Due to a combination of factors, including availability of new hardware and changes from one of our server providers, we will be moving NS3 from its current IP address to a new IP address. The new IP address is:

We will be changing our records to reflect this new IP address on 7 April 2013. We will continue operating the old IP address until 20 April 2013, at which point the old IP address will stop responding to DNS queries.

  • If you are using our vanity name server feature and your domain is not registered through us then you will need to change your NS3 IP address sometime between 8 April and 19 April to ensure that customers are not attempting to resolve DNS queries against a server which is no longer active.
  • If you are using vanity name servers but registered with us then we'll make the change automatically for you.
  • If you are using ns1.dnsimple.com - ns4.dnsimple.com then you should not have to make any changes.

Feel free to submit any questions to support@dnsimple.com - we'll be happy to help.