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Many of you have asked for us to send invoices each time we renew your monthly or yearly subscription at DNSimple. Starting today, you'll begin receiving those invoices. This will allow you to have all of your DNSimple transactions, from subscription renewals to domain registrations, transfers, SSL certificates and any other type of transaction, in your email.

We're also going to work on an overhaul of our monthly statements with the goal of simplifying your bookkeeping for your DNSimple charges.

Finally, we are now going to batch together auto-renewals when they are charged, reducing the number of emails you will receive if multiple auto-renewals are recorded at the same time.

We hope these changes make you and your accountant happier.

As always, contact us if you have any questions: - we're here to help.

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Anthony Eden

I break things so Simone continues to have plenty to do. I occasionally have useful ideas, like building a domain and DNS provider that doesn't suck.

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